The elsir vale  l

The Elsir Vale

The Elsir Vale is a thinly populated human frontier. It stretches almost 250 miles east to west and averages about 70 miles north to south. Several small mountain ranges and dense forests form the vale’s borders, beyond which are vast savannahs and windswept plains.

Major Settlements

One of the largest settlements in the vale, Brindol is a prosperous farming community and caravan stopover located along the Dawn Way on the south bank of the Elsir River. Orchards and farmland surround the town for miles in all directions. Brindol is the home of Lord Kerden Jarmaath, and his small keep and the city walls are the only fortifications of note this side of Dennovar.

Dennovar is a trade city located on the shore of Lake Ern and the largest community in Elsir Vale. Lady Yisel Bristier is the titular ruler here, but the city is actually governed by the powerful Merchants Council – powerful oligarchs notable for keeping the city safe and secure, to better ensure good business. Dennovar is also noteworthy for its dozens of temples and clerics.

The Elsir Vale